Finish your deck with Drilled Posts

Many homeowners this summer are building new decks, or replacing existing decks with new construction.

When it comes time to install railings, the time-honored tradition of wood balusters, top and bottom rails often complete the project. In recent years, however, stainless steel cable rails have become more affordable and readily available to consumers.

Choosing the posts can become a headache though, as┬áthe homeowner is often left to choose between cold metal options (which distract from the beautiful wood decking), or to keep the wood aesthetic, will attempt to drill perfect holes through 4″ x 4″ deck posts.

At Woodway, we’ve simplified that process with our pre-drilled posts – in tight knot Western Cedar, Douglas Fir, or Mahogany.

Save time on the job site with Woodway’s pre-drilled posts for stainless steel cable installations. Our posts have 5/16″ pre-drilled holes at 3″ on center, reducing installation time with straight and accurate hole placement. Designed as a structural line post, they can be clad with wood, composite, PVC or vinyl, or used as a finished post.