The big fence project

The first six panels!

Consider this post a bit of a running commentary on a home project we recently completed. Using Woodway’s Tongue & Groove Fence Panels (30 of them!), we set upon the task of replacing an aging Cedar fence.

Because our fence is “shared” by two other neighbors – who were thrilled they’d be getting a “new” fence to look at – we started in one corner, with the most stable post that existed. Our process was simple: starting at that corner post, we had to remove the existing fence, and also remove all the other posts – because the previous fence hadn’t been installed using the common 8-foot on center posting method.


New and old!

After demolition of that first run of fence (about 80 feet), we attached our first panel to the existing post, dug a hole for a new post, braced a new post, attached the panel to the new post, and dropped two bags of quick set concrete in the hole. We followed that method for the remainder of the fence – and got six panels installed on the first day!


A few caveats, regarding our project:
1. We live in an ancient riverbed (near the Columbia River), which required the rental of a post drill and auger – the BEST investment we made on the project.
2. Though we completed the project with just two people, a third person is quite helpful for installation.
3. We made a quick decision regarding the height of our panels, which informed the rest of the project: we chose to align our panels using the middle rail of the panel – you may choose to align by the top or bottom!

Next time: completing the fence, including converting a fence panel into a gate!

The old!
The new
One side complete