Timeless, sophisticated: Glass Post Caps

Woodway Glass Post Caps

Post Caps provide protection for fences, decks and yard posts, while instantly upgrading your home’s architectural features. Some of the first “modern” post caps were old tin cans – turned upside down to protect the tops of split wood fence posts. While wood is inherently resilient to decay from moisture absorbing into the sides of the posts, water introduced to the top of the post invites swelling and cracking – necessitating repeated replacement. Covering the post with a can, a scrap of tin or sheet metal then provided some protection.

In urban settings, homeowners began beautifying their fence posts and newels with carved or turned wood post caps – indeed, wood post caps remain the most popular style in the world.

Solid glass post caps add color to your yard and garden with the radiant beauty of real glass. Woodway Glass Post Caps add elegance to deck, porch or fence posts – even raised garden bed posts. The stunning glass post caps lend design sophistication and colorful appeal to your outdoor living spaces, and suggest timeless beauty.

Cobalt Blue Glass Post Cap

Made from 1/4″-thick solid-molded glass, Woodway’s solid glass post caps are available in five colors: Amber, Black, Cobalt Blue, Merlot Red and Olive Green. With the exception of the nearly opaque Black, the four other colors are semi-transparent – you can even add your own lighting for extra effect!

Glass Post Caps from Woodway are available in 4″ and 6″ styles, as well as a selection of hybrid glass and wood products. Our fusion of glass and wood creates a remarkably unique look that will enhance the beauty of your yard. The Hybrid Cedar-Trimmed Glass Post Cap is available in an array of four colors. Choose from our signature glass pyramid in Cobalt Blue, Amber, Olive green or opaque Black – all set in finely milled Western Red Cedar. The sealed glass barrier is not only aesthetically pleasing, it protects the post from nature’s elements.