Wood vs. plastic lattice

Woodway Square Privacy lattice

Lattice can be extremely beneficial in landscaping. As a fence, it provides privacy from neighbors, marks property lines and can also help camouflage unsightly necessities such as an air conditioner. When it comes to lattice materials, the two most common and readily available choices are plastic lattice and wooden lattice.

At Woodway, we’re partial to the benefits of natural wood lattice. Wooden lattice and fencing – specifically Western Red Cedar – can be painted or stained any color desired. Wooden lattice and fencing tend to be affordable and renewable. Because it is also a natural product, wooden lattice is more environmentally friendly than plastic lattice. We also offer treated lattice, to extend even more the life of our products.

Plastic or PVC lattice can be made to mimic the look of real wood. It is commonly available in many neutral shades including white, green, clay colors and wooden hues. Plastic lattice does not require regular sealing to protect it from moisture, and is rot and insect resistant.

Left untreated, wood lattice can become aged from the sun or other elements. Wood materials are also prone to damage from insects, mold and can rot away or warp, requiring replacement. If not stained or sealed, wooden lattice can “silver” (turn gray), which some people view as appealing.

Unlike wooden lattice, plastic lattice may not hold onto paint as well, making color choices limited unless a special spray paint that adheres to plastic and is specified for outdoor use. The spray paint can make the overall cost of installing the plastic lattice more expensive. Though plastic lattice is rot resistant, mildew and mold can grow over the top, requiring regular cleanings and additional maintenance. Over time, plastic lattice can become damaged and crack. Damaged plastic lattice is virtually impossible to repair and replace – meaning a cracked or broken piece of lattice requires complete and costly replacement.

So why choose Woodway lattice?
Quality lattice and screen are Woodway’s most reknowned products. As former contractors, our founders have always insisted on durability, style and craftsmanship in every lattice panel sold.

What makes Woodway Lattice & Screen different?

  • Opposed-angle stapling for maximum wood-hold
  • Glue-coated stainless steel fasteners in all Clear grades; 18 gauge, electroplated, galvanized and glue-coated steel fasteners in all other products
  • Fasteners set flush or countersunk, parallel to the grain for additional strength
  • All 4’ wide lattice panels are glued along at least four joint lines with industrial adhesive
  • Our founders’ ideals have resonated with contractors nationwide, making Woodway Lattice the best selling premium grade lattice panels in the United States.

Choose the Right Lattice for your project
Woodway Lattice is available in Clear, No. 1, and Select grades and a variety of wood species. Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir and Mahogany lattice offer natural rot and pest resistance. Treated lattice panels are also offered in a number of styles. Most styles of Woodway lattice are sold in 4’ x 8’ sheets, while smaller sized sheets are also available.